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Healthy Alternatives To Halloween Candy

Halloween is upon us, and with it comes pumpkin-flavored everything, from coffee (sorry, but EWW!) to donuts to you name it. Plus, all the Halloween candy itself. Halloween candy is all about quantity, not quality. But I know it’s just so darn tempting, especially when you’ve got bowls of it laying around the office, or at home for the trick-or-treaters.

I’ve got a few ideas for you, and they don’t involve freezing peeled grapes. Because really, aren’t naked grape icicles kind of a sad concept?

So what are some alternatives to Halloween candy?

  • Good chocolate. Really good chocolate. As in dark (71% or more), European or high-end American. Make it special, make it limited, and make it satisfying. Up to one ounce per day is actually considered health food. I swear! Try my favorite, mint chocolate truffles from Alter Eco. They’re made with coconut oil, and they’re a little lower in cocoa content, which can be easier on your tummy if you’re prone to indigestion.
  • Go on a sugar fast during October. OMG! No sugar?! Whaaaaaat?! Yeah, no sugar. It will be complete and utter hell for a few days, and then you’ll be shocked and amazed at how your taste buds recalibrate to the natural sweetness of fruits, roasted vegetables, shrimp, and other foods.
  • Identify ONE terrible treat that is truly your lifelong favorite and allow yourself to eat ONE Halloween-sized miniature serving. Do not fixate on how truly dreadful it is for you. Do not read the label. Just ENJOY IT. Stop the second November 1 hits.
  • Bake something Halloween-themed, using an “alternative” recipe that’s based on almond flour or a similarly healthy ingredient. Almonds are naturally sweet, and baked goods made with them need far less sweetener. Be proud of yourself for your creative efforts.
  • Make a point of eating good-sized, protein-rich meals loaded with vegetables and healthy fats, during this dangerous time of year. See if you even have any interest in the Halloween junk food when you do that.
  • Pick something healthy-ish, or perhaps I should say, less unhealthy as your treat. Maybe it’s organic gummy bears instead of those plasticky peanut butter cups.
  • Instead of candy, which packs a real sugar wallop, allow yourself some desert this month, but make it fruit, or healthier homemade concoctions, as described above. They will be more satisfying (and less disturbing to your blood sugar) than anything you could purchase at a grocery store.


And if you fail to implement these suggestions, well, let’s just immediately forgive ourselves and aim to do better tomorrow.  For the best support in combatting your food cravings, head on over to Facebook and join my free group, PCOS Psychology. We will talk you down from the ledge when you’re staring into that industrial-sized stainless steel bowl of Halloween candy!


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