Living with PCOS

It won't be easy.

But with a plan, you've totally got this.

The Action Plan

If you’ve found yourself thinking “PCOS is impossible! I’ll never be healthy or happy,” that’s simply not true. Women with PCOS can be just as healthy and happy as everyone else, but they need to have the right mindset and motivation, and an action plan in place to succeed. The problem is that there are many resources for women with PCOS, but there’s a missing piece: the emotional and psychological side. If your mental health isn’t good, it’s going to be hard to improve your physical health.

That’s where PCOS Wellness comes to the rescue! Understanding how your brain, mood, and behavior is affected by PCOS will help you break through to the next level of health. Created by health psychologist and PCOS patient Gretchen Kubacky, Psy.D., Living Well with PCOS: The Complete Mindset, Motivation, and Action Plan is a series of audio sessions, workbooks and more that offer you the insights, strategies, and tools you need to understand the emotional component of PCOS, create a workable action plan, and get healthy and happy now. Session 1 is available NOW, with more sessions soon to come!

Dr. Gretchen’s goal in Session 1 is to offer practical approaches on how to deal with the depression, moodiness, energy dips, frustration, and lack of motivation that plague so many PCOS patients.

Here’s what you get in Session 1 of Living Well with PCOS: The Complete Mindset, Motivation, and Action Plan:

  • PCOS Wellness Action Plan Audio Program: This 60 minute audio program gives an overview of the emotional and mental health conditions common in PCOS, ways to assess your current physical and emotional health, a guided visualization, goal-setting exercises, and motivational tips. It is designed to be used with the PCOS Wellness Worksheets (a PDF file included free with purchase) and PCOS Wellness Action Plan and Inspiration Calendar (another free PDF with purchase).
  • PCOS Wellness Worksheets: Worksheets designed for quick and easy use that will help you clarify your baseline physical and emotional health, set achievable goals, and identify personal motivators and rewards.
  • PCOS Wellness Action Plan and Inspiration Calendar: This PDF is a worksheet that you can refer to frequently for inspiration, as well as to note your personal goals.

It’s time to start prioritize your health and well-being.  Understanding the emotional issues that come with PCOS is the first step to reducing stress and depression, getting motivated, and start living the healthy, happy life that you deserve.

Orde your copy of Living Well with PCOS: The Complete Mindset, Motivation, and Action Plan Today!