The Homocysteine Link: Bridging PCOS and MTHFR

In Part 1 of this mini-series on homocysteine, MTHFR, and PCOS, we covered the links and inflammatory issues. This post is a continuation of the concerns that relate most strongly to PCOS patients.


Elevated homocysteine levels are a significant marker in both PCOS and MTHFR, providing a critical link between these conditions. This post examines how this shared feature affects health and diagnostic processes.

Elevated Homocysteine in PCOS and MTHFR

In PCOS, high homocysteine levels are often associated with insulin resistance and hormonal imbalances. In MTHFR mutation, the body’s inability to properly metabolize folate leads to increased homocysteine. This commonality suggests a deeper connection between these conditions.

Health Implications

Elevated homocysteine is linked to increased risks of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and other complications that disproportionately affect PCOS patients. Understanding this link is vital for managing both PCOS and MTHFR effectively. It must be noted that lowering of homocysteine in and of itself doesn’t appear to affect CVD outcomes. Now, this doesn’t mean you should ignore these levels. It is just an indicator of the complexity we’re dealing with. Understanding your body at many different levels is a skill that can serve you over your lifetime. And make no mistake, there is no cure for PCOS – only more and less effective management of the condition so that you have better health outcomes, both mentally and physically.


Recognizing the homocysteine connection helps in understanding the potential overlap and misdiagnosis between PCOS and MTHFR. The final post will discuss management strategies focusing on reducing inflammation and homocysteine levels.

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