Media Kit - PCOS Wellness
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Gretchen Kubacky, Psy. D.

Health Psychologist PSY 21917
Certified Bereavement Facilitator


Gretchen Kubacky, Psy.D. is a health psychologist in private practice in Southern California. She is a Certified PCOS Educator, a frequent lecturer on women’s health, and the founder of the popular website, She is dedicated to education, advocacy, and empowerment for women and girls with PCOS.

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Appearances and Publications

The PCOS Mood Cure gives you a sustainable plan and a path to freedom, so start the journey to PCOS wellness now.


The PCOS Psychologist’s holistic method of managing PCOS gives women the tools they need to start feeling better today. With a practical approach grounded in research, women will soon:


  • Understand what’s wrong and how to change it
  • Tame anxiety, irritability, and mood swings
  • Banish food cravings
  • Fix sleep problems and fatigue
  • Feel what it’s like to finally be in control of your health