Managing PCOS and MTHFR: Reducing Inflammation and Homocysteine

This is the third post on PCOS, homocysteine and MTHFR. Use these links to read Post 1 and Post 2.


Effective management of PCOS and MTHFR involves addressing their common issues: systemic inflammation and elevated homocysteine levels. This final post explores strategies, including the potential role of an exciting new product developed by Brian McGee: the Primal Build formula.

We want to leave you with more tools that can help make a difference.

Acting like a common denominator, homocysteine interacts with PCOS and MTHFR in ways that can be both similar and distinct because of the numerous systems each condition interacts with in your body. Knowing how they converge and diverge from each other is key to understanding your path forward. Note this relevance: the latest estimates of MTHFR incidence in the American population is around 40%. No one really knows the true number as this is a fairly new discovery. Nor do we actually know the full extent of health conditions affected by MTHFR. What we do know is that this is something most people should take proactive steps to manage. If you’ve got PCOS too, that becomes even more critically important. In a nutshell, that is the thread in this blog series. What are the chances that whatever the percentage of MTHFR is among the US population that it’s the same, or even higher, among PCOS? (Hint: I think it’s pretty high.)

Lifestyle Interventions

Dietary adjustments, particularly those enhancing  or modifying sources of folate intake, can help manage homocysteine levels. Anti-inflammatory foods and regular exercise remain crucial in managing PCOS symptoms and overall inflammation. There is a new product that can help. 

Primal Build: Targeting Inflammation and Homocysteine

The Primal Build formula, with its focus on hormonal balance and nutritional support, may aid in reducing inflammation and managing homocysteine levels, offering a complementary approach to traditional treatments. Primal Build is a slightly citric-tasting powder that you consume once a day, a scoop mixed into a glass of water. Pretty simple. The power of the Primal Build formula comes from the unique combination of pre-methylated B-Vitamins, and essential amino acids in their perfect ratios to optimize protein building, and the breakdown of homocysteine. Improvements may be noted after a few days or weeks. Another benefit is that 1 serving can be equal to 15 to 30 gm of your protein macros for the day. 

Personalized Care Approach

Given the unique nature of how PCOS and MTHFR manifest in individuals, personalized care plans are essential. This includes regular monitoring of homocysteine levels and inflammation markers such as C-Reactive Protein (CRP), Il-6 and TNF-α (two common tests for inflammation), and seeing if you have the MTHFR defect. Your doctor can order these tests, or there are services that facilitate effectively ordering them for yourself on a cash-pay basis. 


By understanding the interconnectedness of PCOS and MTHFR, particularly their impact on inflammation and homocysteine, individuals can better navigate their health journey. Lifestyle changes, supported by products like Primal Build, can play a significant role in this process.

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