Thankful, PCOS

PCOS & Gratitude

Thanksgiving is in the air in the USA, and gratitude is on my mind. Practicing gratitude is one of the best ways to turn a bad mood around. Make a gratitude list every single day, privately or publicly, like on Facebook or Instagram. Include three to five things you’re grateful for.

Bonus points: include your PCOS-related gratitude!

PCOS Support Groups: 

  • The PCOS community is amazing. I’ve met the most dedicated, compassionate advocates, doctors, dieticians, and scientists. If you don’t already know them, check out a few of my favorites:

PCOS Support Girl

PCOS Challenge

Angela Grassi at PCOS Nutrition Center

Martha McKittrick Nutrition

Advocate Ashley Levinson

  • PCOS forces you to think about your long-term health from a young age, and that’s a good thing. You’re probably staving off tons of other diseases by being proactive now.
  • Women with PCOS get stronger more quickly and easily when they do strength workouts. We should all be doing strength workouts to increase strength (duh), reduce fat, and activate that muscle to burn through more sugar, which decreases insulin resistance.
  • A lot of women with PCOS run a very high libido (sex drive), which can add a lot of fun to life.
  • If you want children, you probably already know that it could be a problem trying to get pregnant. You seek help sooner, and have a more realistic perspective on what’s possible.
  • If you struggle with depression, anxiety, or an eating disorder, you know that PCOS plays a big part in that struggle. And you’ve got the PCOS Psychology group to support you. I’m there ever day, answering your questions about the emotional fallout of PCOS, and offering up coping skills.
  • You know more about carbs, macros, and protein grams than all of your friends. At some point, all of that knowledge is going to pay off big-time.


If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving, I wish you a happy, healthy, and gratitude-filled holiday!  Check in here regularly, because we’ve got a lot more holidays on the way, and I’ll be offering more coping skills over the next month!

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