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Positive Things You Can Tell Yourself When Your Body Image is Low

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who has PCOS who loves their body image. I’m not talking about loving it 100%.  But I’ve had so many people tell me that they don’t love anything about their bodies – not even one tiny part – like an earlobe. That makes me so sad.

Yes, we have a lot of challenges with our bodies. Our bodies don’t look or act perfectly. But that doesn’t mean we have to hate on them. The meaner you are to your self, the worse you end up feeling – and the easier it is for other people to pick up on that negative energy and treat you badly.

The process of becoming nicer to your body may take a while; here’s how to get started:

Avoid negative self-talk.

It’s self-perpetuating. The more often you talk meanly to yourself, the more it becomes a habit and an automatic thought. On the flip side, the more you talk nicely and gently to yourself, the more THAT becomes a habit!

Focus on what you like about yourself.

Maybe don’t start with your body, if that’s feeling really hard for you. Start with your talents, skills, or personal qualities. Are you good at piano?  Brilliant on a skateboard? The sweetest, most thoughtful gift giver? Always polite, no matter what? Focus on those things first; the rest will follow.

Focus on what you can change.

You can’t change the fact that you have PCOS. But you CAN change your feelings, your perspective, the way you talk to yourself and others, etc. You don’t have to be positive all the time; no one is. You don’t have to figure out the perfect eating plan for you, or the perfect exercise. But it would definitely help. If you know you need to make changes – start making those changes.

Practice gratitude.

It’s a funny thing, but the more you focus on all that you have, the likelier you are to be happy. Keep a running list of what you’re grateful for. “Positive psychology” supports this idea. You’re smart – here’s a link to some great worksheets you can use – yes, it says they’re for professionals, but this professional says go right ahead and try them out!

Don’t wait to dress the way you want to.

There’s no time like the present to be who or what you want to be. Seriously. Style and fashion are meant to be fun personal expressions – and totally temporary. Play with your clothes. Wear the short shorts, the vampire nails, or the blue eyeshadow. You will instantly feel happier.

Compete against yourself, not other people.

There is no real competition in the game of health. When you’ve got PCOS, for sure you should only be “competing” against yourself. Focus on making improvements, not being perfect. And while you’re at it, be gentle when things don’t go as planned. A little pizza may fall into your life; I vote for enjoying it and then getting refocused.

Use affirmations.

Here are some to get you started. Customize your own. Program them on your phone so they pop up regularly. Write sticky notes and post them around your room. Set them up as part of a scrolling screen-saver on your computer. The more you see, hear, and say them, the more likely they are to get embedded in your


  1. I’m perfect just as I am.
  2. I don’t need to compare myself to other people; I am unique!
  3. I am a work in progress, and I’m making good progress!


Self-confidence and self-love are an inside game. When you’ve got PCOS, it requires a little more of a proactive stance. That’s all. You can do it. Pop on over to PCOS Wellness for Teens on Facebook and tell us how you’re doing. We’re here to help.

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