PCOS Nutrition & Lifestyle Blueprint

If you are not already familiar with my friend and favorite PCOS dietitian, Martha McKittrick, let me introduce you. She is a PCOS expert & registered dietitian. Martha and I are closely aligned in our thinking about nutrition and psychological health in PCOS patients, and I am both proud and honored to be included in a guest segment in her program – and to offer that program to you now. I believe you will gain a tremendous amount of knowledge about how to effectively manage your PCOS, in practical ways – not extreme ones.

Do you want to learn how to manage your PCOS naturally with proven results?

  • Overwhelmed with conflicting info on social media?
  • Always hungry and craving carbs?
  • Low energy levels and mood swings?
  • The scale only goes up… no matter what you do?
  • Never ending symptoms of acne, hair loss or growth?
  • Finding time to plan and cook meals stressing you out?
  • Want to know what labs to get tested … and what they mean?
  • Confused about what supplements are best for your PCOS?

I have the answer for you! 

You’ll get education on: 
The drivers of PCOS and what to do about them to get your PCOS under control.
Foods that can improve hormone balance, decrease insulin resistance, douse inflammation, and improve gut health.
How lifestyle plays a major role in managing PCOS.
How stress plays a major role in driving PCOS. 

You’ll get step-by-step guidelines on:
How to make PCOS-friendly meals in 15 minutes or less.
Ideas for not-boring snacks that can improve PCOS
How to stop those dreaded carb cravings and increase energy levels.
How to incorporate exercise, sleep and stress management into your hectic life.
What labs to ask your doctor to test.
What supplements are best for your PCOS.

Learn more about Martha and the course HERE!