Gretchen Kubacky

As a Guest Speaker, Panelist, or Moderator

Dr. Gretchen is available as a featured speaker, panelist, or moderator in the areas of women’s health, endocrine disorders, PCOS, infertility, sexuality and mood disorders. Dr. Gretchen is also available for expert interviews for live television, radio, podcasts, and print publications.

Dr. Gretchen has been featured in several publications and podcasts, including The Atlantic, U.S. News & World Report, and PCOS Challenge Blog Radio Podcast, among others.

Dr. Gretchen's Signature Talks include:

  • Women, Mood and Hormones: Practical Approaches to Achieving Health and Balance
  • Thriving with Chronic Illness: How to Take Charge of Your Health Today
The following are just a few of
Dr. Gretchen’s past speaking engagements:
  • Los Angeles County Psychological Association
  • SMARTY Los Angeles
  • University of Southern California
  • California State University Northridge
  • Airport Marina Counseling Center
  • Center for Healthy Sex
  • WISE and Healthy Aging
  • YMCA
Consulting Services
Please contact Dr. Gretchen to:
  • Schedule motivational speaking engagements for your group, corporation, alma mater, professional association, conference, temple, church, etc.
  • Request a psycho-educational presentation for your doctor/hospital meetings, CEU trainings, graduate school classes or professional associations.
  • Arrange for phone, radio, or television interviews.
  • Submit questions for an e-mail interview.
  • Schedule case consultation or supervision on health psychology matters.
  • Set-up brainstorming sessions and action plans for niche practice development.
  • Request articles or blog posts.
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